About Us


We are locally & family owned!!  Our goal is to provide quality ingredients, a great customer experience and the promise of phenomenal tasting food.  We strive for a balanced menu, pure and simple ingredients, and freshly milled wheat and spelt berries to create a superior product.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is a franchise, but different from others…it’s a Freedom Franchise, which means that each bakery is locally-owned and highly encouraged to create a menu, recipes, and atmosphere for the local community it represents.

We do our best to embody the Great Harvest mission statement:
Be loose and have fun.  Bake phenomenal bread. Run fast to help customers.  Create strong and exciting bakeries.  And give generously to others.


Our small team and owners embody the Bend spirit: family-oriented, seek adventure, love to give, and have a positive outlook.  Our team cares about your experience and our products, and that is a huge reason as to why everything tastes so good.

The owners: the Testerman family purchased this bakery from Cloyd on February 27th, 2019.  We have always wanted to own a local business together, but it was never the right time or place: if only we knew a pandemic was ahead of us!!!!  When our kids were born, our focus was on them…now Sofie is 13, Billie is 10, and we think it’s such a great time for them to learn what it means to work hard and be part of the community.  You’ll see them in the bakery from time to time – Sofie is fantastic with customer service, and Billie loves working the cash register!  Either way, our goal is to provide something unique, tasty, and geared for Bend.  We have been working extremely hard to learn everything to make this special…it hasn’t been perfect, but hopefully you’ll see the love we put into it!

Our team has undergone some major changes to bring this bakery back to life – we are smaller (went from 12 employees to 5), which has allowed us to take better care of our team and have a better work life!  Kristi bakes bread and works on owning the business (ie paperwork and bills).  Megan, our manager, also bakes bread and delivers to our local wholesalers (along with managing).  We have our hands in everything and care not only about our product, but the family we’ve created in the bakery!  Dawn is our “sandwicher” and we giggle often about how quickly she can “sandwich”…we love how she knows our customers by name (some have come to be friends!).  Beth bakes amazing goodies in the wee morning hours and Hallie closes up the shop (and bakes on Saturdays).  We’ve really got a special team and are lucky to be here.  Hopefully you can see the love that has gone into this little bakery –


We offer a variety of products!  Fresh baked bread and goodies made with freshly milled flour, delicious soup, sandwiches and salads, and a happy place to come and visit.


This is the future...who knows? We may still be here. If so, hopefully it's awesome.



Aaaaaahhh!!! It was hard for us all! Our bakery, team, and family all took a hit, but I'd like to think it's made us all more resilient and brought us closer. And guess what? We're still here! Thank you so much for the support, Bend!
With that, we've added online ordering, DoorDash, BendTakeout. Woot!



We invest in necessary updates: new floors, new POS, paint, organization, nutrition facts/ingredient listings available, security system for the safety of our team, new shelving, espresso, a few new recipes and seasonal items, amazing sandwiches served all day now, new menu boards, service the oven, mill, mixer, and slicer. A new freezer, gutted out some walls in the back, a few additional health/safety measures, exterior paint, and more! We've been very busy on the back end creating a great workplace. We've also been very busy on the front end listening to feedback and finding our niche. WE LOVE IT HERE!


Cloyd is looking forward to time in Alaska and sells the bakery to us...we are excited to bring this amazing bakery to life and be part of the community!


Cloyd Robinson founded the bakery at 835 NW Bond Street

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.


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