Help our furry friends

At Great Harvest Bend, we love animals. Our animals are our friends – our family…and we couldn’t imaging life without them! The Humane Society of Central Oregon does a lot of good for this community, and we want to help them out. What can we do?
Well, we make fresh dog treats. Like our baked goods, they contain quality ingredients: freshly milled whole wheat flour, peanut butter (tons of it!), cheddar cheese, eggs, water, and non-fat milk powder. For the month of June, 100% of our dog treat sales will be donated to the Humane Society of Central Oregon.
Don’t have a dog? No problem! We’ll still take donations! Cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs…we love them all!

Madison, one of our amazing sweets bakers, shares about her furry friend:
“This is Bobbi, my kat, and love. I rescued her from a cat shelter in Denver called Angels with Paws when she was just a babe. She is now 3 years old and growing more personality as she ages. When I first rescued her she was very sick, couldn’t hold down food and slept away for 20 hours a day. She has since grown very healthy and happy. She was my first pet where the responsibility was fully dependent on myself, and that has been a really bonding and learning experience.
I named Bobbi after Bob Dylan, he is a very meaningful writer and musician to me. Bobbi’s hobbies include playing fetch with tin foil balls, sun lounging, snuggling, and transforming into the tasmanian devil in the middle of the night. Her favorite snack is mashed sweet potatoes and shredded cheese. I appreciate all the things shelters try to do to help save and rehome animals, I hope everyone can see that fur babies bring joy to the home. Adopt don’t shop.” 

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