Celebrate Cloyd

He opened this bakery on 835 NW Bond Street 17 years ago…and now he is ready to pass along his legacy. Cloyd is a great guy – nice, warm, positive, honest, and has been such a great person to purchase the bakery from. He has taught us so many things since we met him in October 2018, and we are so excited for his new venture in life. Alaska has been calling him for a while, but don’t worry!! He’ll be back!

If you really miss him, stop by the bakery and stare at his picture – we won’t judge you if you even hold a conversation with it.

We are hoping he’ll come hang out and drink coffee when he returns from Alaska in a few months. It would be neat to hear his stories. : ) We may not be able to fill Cloyd’s shoes in many ways, but we are trying our best to preserve and build upon what he started. Thank you Cloyd!

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